Wendi Blum Weiss
2 min readNov 15, 2020

I’m coming to you this Sunday morning with a personal note, one that speaks to the heart side of our life that isn’t talked about enough.

Dreaming. Holding Space. Believing.

This week past week was our 2nd wedding anniversary. Harry and I met just a little over 6 years ago.

I wasn’t searching for a husband when we first met, however I set an intention to meet a man who was smart, interesting, laughed a lot and had a good personality to hang out with. I figured I better write down the character traits I wanted in a partner just like I encourage my clients to do, so I did.

I future scripted my love story into a beautiful red notebook with an etched heart on the front cover. I went to bed at night excited about getting up early to write in my journal. I thought about how magical it would feel to sleep next to a loving partner that I adored and to wake up feeling grateful to have him by my side.

I imagined what life would look like. I envisioned living directly on the ocean with big open windows facing the beach so that I could watch the sunrise each day. I visualized a handsome, intelligent, worldly man by my side to enjoy life with.

I share all of this with you today to encourage your dreams…

Did my writing about “him” in advance of it actually happening {because it did} create some sort of positive force in the Universe that delivered it into reality?

Maybe. Writing, Journaling and Future Scripting has been a powerful tool in my life.

It not only has delivered incredible good into my life {big time} but it might of even saved my life.

I challenge you to hold space for your dreams today, to sit down and write your dreams down. Get to know yourself. Clarity. Intention. Self Worth. Deservingness.

I believe in you. I believe in your dreams.

PS. I wanted to share a glimpse of our wedding with you, click below to experience the magic. Reply back with your dreams, desires, and wishes for your own life. Wendi.

Dreaming and believing with you,


Wendi Blum Weiss

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