Wendi Blum Weiss
3 min readDec 15, 2020

60 Things I Believe In {Turning 60 Years Of Age}

I believe there is good in every person.

I believe that people come into your life for a reason, season or lifetime.

I believe you are never too old and it is never too late to start living a life you love.

I believe through our imagination anything is possible.

I believe people are doing the very best they can at the level of consciousness they have.

I believe everyone was born to shine.

I believe abundance is everyone’s birthright.

I believe laughter is the best medicine.

I believe that each new day is an opportunity to begin again.

I believe experience is the greatest teacher.

I believe our pain, difficulties, and challenges show up to awaken us.

I believe thoughts become things.

I believe emotional strength is a muscle that can be developed.

I believe having a regular meditation practice will forever change your life.

I believe every man, woman, and child has gifts, talents, and uniqueness to share in the world.

I believe it is better to be kind than to be right

I believe if it is supposed to happen, it will, and if it doesn’t, something even better is suppose to happen.

I believe gratitude is a superpower everyone has equal access to.

I believe anyone can change their mind, which in turn will change their circumstance.

I believe that a breakdown often precedes a breakthrough.

I believe the ultimate goal in one’s life is to discover their life’s purpose and live it.

I believe if you love what you do, then others will feel your energy and be drawn to you.

I believe that passion, purpose, persistence, and patience is the formula for success.

I believe that it isn’t I’ll believe it when I see it, but I will see it when I believe it.

I believe in a Higher Power.

I believe we are the vessel and source is the supply.

I believe that what you focus on truly does expand—both negative and positive.

I believe that great leaders lead by example.

I believe that prayers do get answered.

I believe that gratitude brings more to be grateful for into your life.

I believe asking one empowered question can change your life.

I believe that the answer to less stress exists in the power of your breath.

I believe that peace in the world starts with peace in your own world.

I believe that everyone has creativity inside of them.

I believe we are all intuitive although some people have tapped into it more than others.

I believe that if it doesn’t feel right in your gut you shouldn’t do it.

I believe we are all brothers and sisters from the same family—humanity.

I believe your level of happiness can be increased just by spending more time in nature.

I believe that to sustain a high level of energy throughout one’s lifetime, your battery needs to be recharged on a regular basis.

I believe that everything is energy, vibration, and frequency.

I believe in reverse engineering the creative process by seeing the end result first.

I believe that living in fear is a learned emotion that can be unlearned and replaced with courage.

I believe that we don’t know what we don’t know.

I believe our imagination is one of our greatest gifts.

I believe that you can learn anything you set your mind to.

I believe in leaning into something new gradually.

I believe that we need time to process new information for it to stick.

I believe in all religion and no religion.

I believe in moving the body in some way every day.

I believe in stretching into uncomfortable.

I believe in declarations, autosuggestion, and affirmations.

I believe in the power of community and teamwork.

I believe in never giving up.

I believe the right people show up at the right time if you are open to receive them.

I believe in living in the moment.

I believe in training the brain and connecting to the heart.

I believe we are destined for greatness, and it is up to us to recognize it.

I believe in miracles.

I believe that you and I are both are truly blessed.

I believe the best is yet to come.

To Your Success,

Wendi Blum Weiss

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